Israel to Deploy Tear Gas Drones Against Gaza Border Protests

Stuart Winer reports at Times of Israel that Israeli Border Police are planning to deploy a newly developed drone that can drop tear gas to disrupt Palestinian demonstrators planning to march on the border fence between Israel and Gaza in the coming weeks, Border Police Deputy Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai told Hadashot TV on Wednesday.
“Beyond the fact that this equipment neutralizes any danger to the troops, it enables reaching places that until now we couldn’t get to,” he said.
The test of the tear gas drone during a protest two weeks ago was considered a success. The drone enables security forces to engage the rioters before they approach the security fence. Channel 10 reported Wednesday that the IDF is also preparing for the march by building sand berms for sniper positions, setting up lookout posts, and laying down barbed wire in the area.
{ Israel}



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