Israel to Release Palestinian Prisoners As Part of Mideast Peace Talks

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palestinian-terrorist-prisonersAs part of John Kerry’s efforts to restart peace talks in the Mideast, Israel will release several “hardcore” Palestinian prisoners, an Israeli official announced on Shabbos.

In Israeli terms, “hardcore” refers to prisoners associated with deadly attacks.

The peace talks-a revival of the ones that fell apart in 2008-will officially begin in the next week, after a meeting between the two sides in Washington. The prisoners, whose crimes range from rock throwing to bombings, are considered heroes in Palestine. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This world is nuts!
    We housed them and fed them since their heneious crimes in luxurious hotels – prisons that are air conditioned- now they go back home to do more crimes against us on land that we’ll have to give them and the aggressors! Who says ain’t no life on Mars! We’re it!!!!

  2. When “peace partners” want murders on their team its not to make peace. What are they giving up? Not going to the UN with more complaints? Thats not giving anything up thats just not doing more stupid stuff

  3. I wish we would all finally do teshuva, so Hashem could stop sending us tzaros & using these muslim terrorists as shluchim to wake us up to teshuva


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