Israel To Seek New Military Aid Package From Incoming Biden Administration

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Israel is planning to reach out to the incoming Biden administration for a new long-term military aid package in the coming months to combat the “changing threats and challenges” in the Middle East, a top defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

The IDF is seeking to secure a new multi-billion dollar aid plan as soon as possible, the Post reported, which it hopes to implement before the next administration leaves office and the current aid program expires in 2027.

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    • FYI Biden was never president-elect. It was concocted by the media and accepted like fools by the Democrats and liberals in Israel and globally. If you still believe that Biden has a percentage of chance to win you need to see a doctor to clear your brains that got clogged from your mask.

    • That’s a disgusting comment and you should be ashamed of yourself for making it.
      I, and most Trump-supporters I know, voted for him largely because we care very much about the safety and security of our brethren in Israel, and President Trump, for all his flaws, did what he could to make them more secure.
      You may disagree with the effectiveness of Trump’s approach and the different actions he took, but how dare you impugn the caring and concern of his supporters for their fellow Jews in Israel?

  1. President Harris will not allow a single penny to go to Israel, until they give the Palestinians all the land going back to the pre 67 borders.


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