Israel: UN Ignores Chemical Attack on Civilians in Syria 

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Kan Radio this week, “I operate out of the assumption that ultimately Israel will have to deal alone, both with the threat in the North and with the threat in the South,” reports Tovah Lazaroff for the Jerusalem Post. The U.S. is Israel’s “main strategic ally, but it has its own considerations and we live here in the Middle East.”
Speaking after scores of civilians were killed in a chemical attack in Syria on Saturday, he noted that the UN and the Arab League have not condemned these deaths. “I have not heard the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres speak of it. We have not seen the UN Security Council and the Arab League convene. Over this weekend hundreds were also killed in Yemen, but that doesn’t interest anyone,” while when Israel kills Palestinians in self-defense there is an immediate outcry.
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  1. It’s not that the UN is not condemning the attack. A UN weapons inspector claims he highly doubts that Assad or the Syrian govt is responsible. There’s something very strange about it, he said. (I wonder if the photos are not the same as last time or photo-shopped .)


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