Israel: Virus Cases Pass 50,000 Mark As Death Toll Rises To 409

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The total number of coronavirus cases registered in Israel on Sunday passed the 50,000 mark, the Health Ministry announced.

The death toll from the pandemic rose to 409, as three patients died Sunday afternoon.

In a further worrying update, the number of patients in life-threatening conditions soared past 250.

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  1. For a population of almost 9 million, what is 409 coronavirus deaths in 7 months – which includes every single form of death – 58 deaths per months?

    • The 409 fatalities resulted from infection with the coronavirus.
      Regarding your little stats exercise, what if you changed two factors: (i) Assume that only one person died, not 409. Only one. (ii) And assume that that one person is YOU. Would you and your family say that’s not so bad. One guy dropped dead in 7 months. That’s pretty good.

  2. Every number represents a human being. And it’s been more like 4 months not 7. Get the facts straight!

    Maybe the real plague is losing the Kovod for every Single neshomo. ד׳ ירחם

    • Any reason why the post responding to 9:06 wasn’t posted? Makes too much sense and the 9:06 might get offended.

    • Not only did no one die from the flu, no one died from pneumonia, bronchitis, heart attack, car accident, getting eaten by sharks, etc etc etc. Everyone since Jan died from Covid 19.


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