Israel: Women Drive Ex-Husbands To Suicide

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At a meeting of the Knesset Special Committee for Distributive Justice and Social Equality, MK Yoav Kisch of Likud claimed that libelous complaints contribute to a suicide rate among divorced men seven times higher than their married counterparts, Arutz Sheva reported.

“I’ve heard that lawyers, when they have a woman who wants to divorce, will often tell their client to claim that their partners hit them or harmed the children,” he said. “This means the lawyers are doing something illegal. And I understand them; they want the best for their client.

“But on the other hand, if it turns out to be a false claim, nothing happens,” he added. “What does it matter? She doesn’t lose anything. But now her partner will be distanced from his children, or he’ll be jailed, and it will become more difficult for him to fight her in court.”

Frisch said that libelous proceedings can drag on for a year and a half. This situation puts men in jail and prevents them from seeing their children.

Husbands tell him: “Suddenly I’m not responsible. Suddenly I can’t talk to my children. And it takes a year to a year and a half until all the court proceedings are finished, for them to realize it was a libelous complaint and close the case. But who pays the price for the year and a half I wasn’t in touch with my child? The child, or children. They pay the price. Why? Because the lawyer told my partner that this is the best way to rip me apart.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I agree 100%. It’s the women who shed those crocodile tears and blame the husband for everything. It’s NEVER the woman who is the abusive one. No, never. All these divorced women are just perfect in every way possible. They are just poor of circumstances

  2. Vehivdilonu mui hatoim!

    B”H, us Frum Jews in America do not engage in such conduct. Our Frum women have organizations that support them and encourage them to be honest, righteous and proper to their kids and their father. They give them lawyers and therapists who are honest. Ah, what a difference! In America, they behave like Bnos Yisroel! They are role models!

  3. Happens all the time is courts and lyder in botei din all over.
    I know avreichim whom have been castigated by community leaders and rabonim for accusations that have never been vetted out and by the time the claims are proven false the rabbi or leader do not have the gumption to admit their error so it is stuck for posterity in the name of keeping face and the fear of O-RA retaliation .

  4. It is very serious. I know the former wife drove me to despair and I overdosed on meds. BH I survived . I lead a very happy life BH am remarried . The false allegations perpetuated by vindictive unscrupulous women can be Chas vesholom retzicha Manish.

  5. Exactly. They have many organizations to help these poor downtrodden “abused” nebach neglected sweetzee divorced women. They are takeh such little angels. So harmless. So innocent. So zeez. They have Shabbatons, conferences, trips, etc… But for divorced men…………NOTHING! Why should they? They’re all evil. You know the mantra. All men are pigs. All men have a one track mind. All men are abusive. All men are bad Parents. All men are bad husbands. All men are incompetent. All men have bad middos. All men are insensitive. Yada yada.
    It’s time the courts and the batie dinim STOP taking the side of the Woman, every single time, no matter what.

  6. This is so sad and so real. It takes place all the time right here in our area. Some women have a way with their emotional pleas to convince even seasoned professionals of the truth of their false accusations. The layman on the street who has no knowledge in this area cannot fathom how someone can stoop so low and make such a blood libel so they obviously believe it as well. There needs to be a system where a woman should be severely punished for these crimes because besides for abusing their ex husbands they are also abusing their children by stealing from them their father, grandparents etc. This is a form of parental alienation which many professional consider a syndrome (PAS). In the court system a woman can lose custody of her children because of this crime. These women and those who assist them would be wise to keep in mind that this crime will catch up to them one day. Gehenom is very HOT! To all the regular folks out there I ask, that the next you hear one of these fabricated horror stories about your neighbor please take it with a heaping tablespoon of salt!


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