Israeli Air Force Chief Warns Of Syrian Attacks And “Surprise War”

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israel-maj-gen-amir-eshelIsrael’s air force chief warned today that tensions with Syria could escalate into a “surprise war” and that Israel needs to be ready.

The remarks by Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel echoed statements by Israel’s military chief of staff a day earlier.

“A surprise war could take shape today in many configurations,” Eshel said at a strategy conference in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv. “Isolated incidents can escalate very quickly and require us to be prepared in a matter of hours to operate throughout the entire spectrum … to utilize all the capabilities of the air force,” he said.

He said Russian S-300 air defense systems are “on their way” to Syria, though Israel asked Russia not to supply the advanced air defense system to Syria. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. To make Russia listen, the Israeli
    government should stop forcing the
    lomdie Torah to serve in the army
    and stop them from learning Torah. As
    it says in thilim “im hashem lo yishmor
    ir shove shokay shomier”. same goes
    in order to make the S-300 air defense
    systems fail send more people to yeshivas
    to learn Torah and say thilim. like the
    gemoro says “bizman she’hakol kol yakov
    ein ha’yodayim yedie eisov”.


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