Israeli Ambassador To Panama Accuses Ben Gurion Airport Of Racial Profiling

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Israel’s Ambassador to Panama lashed out at Ben Gurion Airport security via social media on Saturday after he and his family were abruptly stopped for questioning.

Dr. Reda Mansour, a Druze diplomat who has been working for Israel’s Foreign Ministry for decades, uploaded a lengthy Facebook post recalling his latest experience including “thirty years of humiliation” suffered at the transportation hub.

“During the night, I thought to myself while on the plane: […] 30 years of humiliation and you are still not done. In the past, you would beat us at the terminal, today you’ve progressed to treating us as suspects at the checkpoint at the entrance [to the airport].”

“Thirty years of humiliation and you still haven’t finished,” he continued. “Isfiya is not a town in the [Palestinian] territories, but a home to the main military cemetery for fallen Druze soldiers who died during their service in the Israel Defense Forces.”

Mansour concluded his post by stating: “I advise that that you take your security guards and those in charge of their training to visit this cemetery and teach them about self-sacrifice and respect. Until then, I have only this to tell you: You make me sick.”

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  1. Thank Goodness that at least someone (the BGA security) has enough sense to implement racial profiling. To Mr. Mansour I would say:
    1) Thank you for your service.
    2) I feel bad for your humiliation. But you should reconsider that.
    3) You should be proud that you live in a country that cares enough for their citizens to profile. Even if there is a small price to pay.

    • Agreed.
      If middle-aged Jews fit the profile for the overwhelming number of hijackers, I’d expect to be given the third degree every time I flew. And you know whose fault that would be? The hijackers, not the security personnel who were simply exercising common sense in the execution of their jobs.

  2. very nice maybe you can tell the arabs to stop trying to blow stuff up! overnight racial profiling would disapear. also ben gurian investigates everybody. even if you look ashkenaz blonde blue eyes ect…..


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