Israeli Ambassador Urges Top UN Environmental Advocate to Condemn Hamas Arson Attacks

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Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Thursday urged a top UN official known for her strong advocacy on environmental protection to condemn Hamas for its ongoing arson attacks against Israeli agricultural communities.

“For over one hundred days, Hamas terrorists…have used arson kites and other aerial delivery means to set almost 700 fires that have torched thousands of acres, including over 1,500 acres of agricultural fields in Israel,” Danon wrote in a letter to the deputy secretary-general of the UN, Amina Mohammed. “This is a new face of terrorism directly targets the Israeli ecosystem and has caused over $2 million in damages.”

“Hamas is attacking Israel’s southern source of livelihood and their acts of eco-terrorism have not only devastated land that provides food and livelihood to our civilians, but they have also caused irreparable damage to nature preserves and dozens of species of wildlife,” he continued.

“In the interest of protecting the lives of civilians, their livelihood and the productivity of our ecosystem, I request that you strongly condemn Hamas and hold the terrorist organization accountable for these latest attacks,” Danon concluded.

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  1. Y don’t u grow up so what if they do or don’t condemn no attitude is going to ever change based on foolish condemnation

  2. Where’s Israel’s leadership? Why is Israel so weak and gives the United Nothings credence? Never would real leaders like President Trump bow to the United Nothings and beg them for anything.

  3. Is this is the same Danny Danon who marched in the New York Queer Parade last week?
    Read this week’s Jewish Press, July 13, page 10 for details. What a shanda!!!


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