Israeli Ambassador Yael German Resigns in Protest of New Netanyahu Government

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Israeli ambassador to France Yael German announced on Thursday that she will quit office in an act of public defiance after the country’s new government swore in Benjamin Netanyahu, and with him, the nation’s most far-right leadership in history. Netanyahu was ousted from office in 2021 as he battled a trial over bribery, fraud and breach of trust but was re-elected prime minister this year.

“Sadly,” German wrote in a letter to Netanyahu, “the government you established and lead includes representatives of parties whose extreme positions are expressed in its guidelines, in its policies, and in statements on legislation — illegitimate legislation in my eyes — it intends to pass.” German began her political career in the left-leaning Meretz Party and has been an ally of outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid. Accusing the new government of having anti-democratic values and defying the county’s Declaration of Independence, German added that she cannot “lie to myself and continue to represent policies that are so radically different from what I believe in.”

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  1. To any sane person, freedom of religion is higher on the list of democratic requirements than someones feelings. Yair lapid is like his father against democracy. This crybaby claims that the religious take away his democracy, yet he legislates to restrict (and subsequently remove) freedom of religion. This makes him in his own words a socialist.

  2. Canada? Is she moving to canada? Tell her all the liberal socialists threaten to move to canada. Perhaps she can see what her likeminded leftist socialist cohorts add to their resume. Actually on top of their resume they have anti semites!

  3. Stupid woman! Haven’t the people of Israel voted? Don’t you believe in democracy or has your time in France so warped your brain: seemingly so!


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