Israeli Analyst: Trump Administration Likely Wants Regime Change in Iran

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The Trump administration likely wants regime change in Iran, an Israeli analyst has stated.

Writing at the news site Walla, Oren Nahari tackled the question of American policy toward Iran since President Donald Trump chose to exit his predecessor’s nuclear deal with the Islamic republic.

In particular, Nahari pointed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s May 21 speech in which he said, “The sting of sanctions will only grow more painful if the regime does not change course from the unacceptable and unproductive path it has chosen for itself and the people of Iran,” a reference not only to Iran’s nuclear ambitions but also its ballistic missile program and support for terrorism in the region.

“These will be the strongest sanctions in history by the time we are done,” Pompeo added.

Nahari writes, “It is unclear if the United States is interested in a [new] nuclear deal with Iran, even if it agrees to all the American demands; or if it wants, and it certainly seems like it, to topple the Ayatollahs’ rule, to change the regime.”

The US, says Nahari, may “hope that the economic pressure will send the masses into the streets, and they will see the Iranian regime as responsible for their plight and not the American administration.”

Such an ambition, he adds, “is possible, but not entirely realistic. Certainly not in the short-term.”

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