Israeli Archives Closed Forever


Outgoing Chief State Archivist Dr. Yaakov L.M. Fattal warned that most of Israel’s archives are closed in the name of national security concerns and will never be opened, Haaretz reported.

The hidden material includes material potentially embarrassing to the state, such as human rights violations, he explained.

He complained that the archive is not handled in a manner befitting a democratic state; even released material is subject to unreasonable restrictions. For example, why were the minutes of meetings of the inner cabinet from just before the Six-Day War only released now after 50 years?

500,000 people used the State Archives in 2017. 19 million of its 400 million pages are available on the department’s website.

{ Israel}


  1. Sure close up your secret plans on how to destroy Torah judaism. Close the evil plans on how they destroyed the yeminite children. Close your plans how they used religious settlers as canon fotter in the Yom Kippur war. Close the files how golda meir and her atheistic gang tried to get Russian secular Jews and non Jews to emigrate to israel in late 1960s and early 1970s in order to try to keep her atheistic party in power as religious Jews were increasing. She even contacted meir kahane to stir up protests on behalf of soviet Jews. Her agenda was about saving her party not freeing soviet Jews. It backfired as in 1977 for the first time menachem Begin and the right wing party won.


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