Israeli Army Commander Steals 3 Apples

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A squad commander of the Givati Brigade was suspended after Palestinians videoed him stealing three apples from a vendor’s stand in Chevron and distributing them to his men. He was to face disciplinary action

The dealer had fled from his stand when riots broke out following Trump’s recognition of Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital.

{ Israel News}


  1. Sure lock up a soldier for stealing three apples from an Arab but free Arabs who killed three Jews. I guess to these fat cat tziyonim an apple has more value than a jewish life.

    • A higher standard is when you apply stringent requirements to yourself exclusively; when you force your “higher standards” upon selected others, while ignoring the islamonazi crimes against humanity, that is a double standard and a hypocrisy.

  2. Soon all the patriots will leave the combat units of the IDF, will the politically correct army establishment and judges volunteer for the combat units?

  3. I was just wondering , I know that right now as we communicate with each other, the government of Israel is investigating the prime minister, minister A. Deri and probably a few more people. We honestly can assume that these investigations are costing about $300,000 USD a month at least. If the Israeli police can some how reduce the man power or reduce some of these investigations by 20%, then that 20% savings can be used to buy apples for the soldiers. Just imagine how many apples you can buy on a monthly basis with $60,000 USD. At least some of the tax payer money will be used for a good cause.

  4. Why should any normal parent,religious or not, send their son to an army that’s irresponsible not only spiritually but physically as well. During the war in Lebanon many soldiers had to raid local Arab homes refrigerators to survive as the chain of command to deliver food was in shambles. So too wounded soldiers layed in pain for as long as five hours as medicine and pain killers were delayed. The army is not the same as in 1967. It has become an indoctrination camp of immorality and worse Toeiva. In combat units more women are signing up than men. Instead of raising a generation of young women to be mothers they are being raised as immoral beings. The sad part is that the government has managed to presaude thousands of frum girls to join the army. Once there they are at the mercy of atheistic commanders. I spoke to several chareidi soldiers and they shared with me their difficulties. There have been chareidi soldiers forced to shave their beards or remove their tizzos. Kosher food is a serious issue. The chances of coming out fully frum after army service is very low. An 18 year old can be corrupted pretty quickly when sorrounded by an environment of cynical atheists. I as an american tourists in israel have been confronted at times by atheistic Israelis. But I put them in their ignorant place but I’m a lot older than 18 and have studied the writings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller to answer apikorsim.

    • All the tziyonim want is that the chareidim should not steal. The entire tziyonim government is busy stealing left and right. Every week a new investigation begins against a government official. Poor commanding soldier lost his future to three Stolin apples. Arabs who kill Jews get promoted and supported and even freed to become one day a peace negotiator on the international scene. Idiotic Medina.


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