Israeli Banknote Mentions Chashivus of Limud HaTorah

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israel-shekelAs the equal share of the burden movement continues to demonstrate in favor of universal military or national service for all Israeli citizens, Israel’s chareidi community believes that Torah study helps the nation no less than the army, and were it not for tefillah and Torah, the country would be in parlous state. Bnei Torah recently noticed that their claims are backed up by a rather unexpected source.

The 200 shekel banknote bears a quote from former president Zalman Shazar about the importance ofTorah study.

Indeed, the design of the NIS 200 bill features words from a speech Shazar made in 1949, in which the late president said that the Jewish people, even in its darkest periods, had always known to make Torah study mandatory for all children, “in every village in every country.”

“Rich or poor, only children or large families, single or married – we must all carry the burden of Torah study,” Shazar’s quote reads.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Rav Eliezer Berland SHlita Has Said This for Years and Years(Like 20 Years). That it says on the 200 Shekel bill that every jew has a Chyuv to Support Torah in Every City and Every Village whther one is poor or Rich EVERYONE HAS A CHiyuv To Support Torah and any city that doesnt support Torah for the children doesnt have the Din of A City.


  2. Zalman Shazar learnt in Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva (Chabad) and was very close to the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l

  3. To simcha and gk,
    Unfortunately the culture of many higher ups in the IDF is to weaken or remove as much Torah- lifestyle from soldiers as possible. Just as a small example- see what happened when soldiers requested to be excused from listening to a female singing and violating Kol Isha? A simple request that in no way affects their performance as soldiers! Yet the superiors refused and would not accept the religious nature of their request. And when they left as she began to sing, they were reprimanded and threatened! As long as religious soldiers’ values and laws (which are really every Jew’s laws as well, even if they are sadly choosing to ignore them) are not honored and protected as much as possible, serving “while studying Torah” is unfortunately not possible.

  4. gk writes: ‘one can continue studying Torah while in army’. This clearly shows gk doesn’t know what army service is. Therefore, he is well advised not air opinions in areas he has no clue.

  5. To #6 & 7. Yes, one can continue learning Torah under any and all circumstances, and we have throughout the ages, but unless we have men sitting and learning with no distractions for days, months, years on end we will not produce gedolim nor can we not survive as a Torah nation.
    The gemara gives the ratio of 1000 men learning in order to produce one gadol. Also any city that does not have at least ten men doing nothing else but learn Torah, is not considered a city in Jewish law. Check it out, any city that supports unadulterated Torah learning thrives and survives Jewishly. Any city that did not do this eventually withered and died in a Jewish sense. These Jewish ghost towns are scattered all across the world.
    This is besides the Divine protection that pure Torah learning garners for the Jewish nation. Kol hakovod to those in Hesder Yeshivot, and kol hakovod to those who learn while they’re in the army, but it is not a substitute for our holy Yeshivoth.

  6. Everyone agrees that Torah study should be mandatory for everyone as it is stated on the banknote. What it does not say is that every man who wants to learn Torah full-time should be excused from national or civilian service.


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