Israeli Border Police Soldiers Save Life of Palestinian Baby in Chevron

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Israeli Border Police soldiers stationed at the Meoras Hamachpela in Chevron saved the life of a nine-month-old Palestinian boy on Sunday, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

The soldiers heard shouts coming from a nearby home and when they arrived they found an unconscious baby surrounded by distressed family members who were trying to resuscitate him.

The baby was not breathing and his face had turned blue. The soldiers took over the effort to revive him, and a Border Police medic who was called to the scene succeeded in getting him breathing again.

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  1. Such a wonderful chesed and since these people have the trait of gratitude they will say thank you when they use this little scum to blow up some Jews one day isn’t there a Halacha of ein maalin

  2. Somehow this reminds me of “The midrash relates a story that while the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, Pharaoh decreed that the Jews cement their children into the walls of buildings if they could not meet making their quota of bricks. There was a great outcry, and Moshe Rabbeinu brought the complaint of Jewish people to Hashem. Hashem responded to Moshe that if He will allow these children to live they will eventually turn out to be wicked in the future, and further instructed Moshe to save one of these children to later validate His claim. Moshe saved a child named Micah, and Shoftim 17:5 relates that indeed this child later went on to make an worship an idol.”

  3. I see it differently than you guys, I think is just a beautiful expression of the rachmunes that a jewish heart has, just amazing even when they are secular, it still reflects it in their actions

    • Rachmones on our enemies. Israeli government releases hundreds of convicted Arab terrorists who murdered Jews. But Jews sit in prison for ever if they kill an Arab. No chareidi should join this secular army.


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