Israeli Bus Driver Orders Women To Sit In The Back Of The Bus

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A group of Israeli young women have come forward alleging an unsettling incident aboard bus line 885, operated by Netiv Express, which runs from Ashdod to Tzefas. According to their account, the driver of the bus demanded that they cover up due to their attire, which he deemed too revealing. Additionally, they were instructed to move to the back seats. One of the girls recounted the experience to Walla, explaining that when two friends attempted to join them, the driver forbade it, insisting they sit at the front.

“The situation made us feel highly uncomfortable. It was truly humiliating. The driver questioned our awareness of the situation and suggested we were being disconnected,” she shared. She also noted that some chareidi passengers encouraged them to sit wherever they pleased, but the driver persisted. Despite their discomfort, the young women remained on the bus, as it was their sole means of travel from the Ashdod region to the Sea of Galilee.

The Netiv Express company issued a response to the incident, stating, “Netiv Express has become aware of the incident’s particulars through media inquiries. We are committed to conducting a thorough investigation in collaboration with the subcontractor responsible for this journey. We will take all necessary measures to prevent any recurrence of such incidents. Although a comprehensive examination is pending, we wish to emphasize that, on a fundamental level, Nativ Express strongly condemns any behavior that discriminates or harms passengers based on gender, race, nationality, or dress code. It is unacceptable to tolerate actions akin to those described by the reporter.”

The company further explained, “It is important to note that our drivers are regularly briefed on various matters, including the respectful treatment of passengers in Israel, their obligation to provide a secure, pleasant, and unrestricted travel experience for every passenger, while safeguarding their privacy. The reported behavior by the subcontractor’s driver blatantly contradicts our directives for our drivers and those affiliated with our services.”

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  1. She might have come from the beach if she came from Ashdod which is why the driver told her to cover herself up and move to the back.

  2. The world has gone so mad that scantily dressed women are acceptable . Once upon a time even decent non jews understood the concept of modesty.


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