Israeli Chief Rabbinate: Be Careful of “Glued Shut” Lulavim


lulavimThe Israeli Chief Rabbinate is warning the public of lulavim that have been treated with acrylic glue to prevent opening. Its inspectors have found that a significant number of lulavim have undergone a process of being soaked in a bath containing “an acrylic adhesive.”

The Chief Rabbinate said that there are different opinions amongst religious authorities regarding whether lulavs that underwent this kind of “treatment” are kosher. Merchants that sell these lulavim are required to make “full disclosure” to the customer regarding the use of the glue.

{Israel News Briefs/ Israel}


  1. DISCLAIMER: seek guidance from a competent rabbi, what i’m writing should not be taken as a psak halacha.
    actually R’ Shloma Zalman Aurbach zt”l is the basis for this heter, as can be checked up in sefer “arba minim l’mihadrin”, and the reasoning is, that even according to the “b”ch and t”z” who hold that the lulav is posul even if it is split less than a “roiv” (to the bach even a “ma-shehu), as in accordance whith a “diyuk” in the r”n, all agree that the cause of this “p’sul” is a “chshash” that it will come to split “roiv” during shaking, hence the solution of gluing.
    It is important to note however that gluing obviously only helps if it has not split yet “roiv”, cause then its posul already and the glue does not make it kosher, it only takes away the abovementioned problem.


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