Israeli Company Announces Successful Trial of Radiation Vaccine

060118-F-6726L-115 U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Roy Heron III waits for fellow firefighters to process through a decontamination line during an emergency management exercise at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., on Jan. 18, 2006. Heron is a firefighter attached to the 6th Civil Engineering Squadron. DoD photo by Senior Airman Carlye D. La Pointe, U.S. Air Force. (Released)
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An Israeli company announced on Wednesday that it had developed a highly-effective vaccine against radiation poisoning.

The Israeli news site Mako reported that the Haifa-based company Pluristem Therapeutics made the announcement together with the US Department of Defense.

The company said that the vaccine showed extremely-improved survival rates among animals subjected to high levels of radiation.

Use of the vaccine increased survival rates by 74 percent, the company stated, compared to only four percent in the control group.

The vaccine, called PLX-R18, involves the injection of placental cells into the subjects 24 hours before radiation exposure and 72 hours after.

After the treatment, subjects showed strong improvement in the amount of platelets and white blood cells, as well as bone marrow, all of which are severely damaged by exposure to high levels of radiation.

The vaccine has already been given preliminary approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, meaning it can be used to treat victims following an emergency nuclear event. It has yet to receive full marketing approval.

President and CEO of Pluristem Yaky Yanay said, “We are very pleased with the positive results from the trials, which show that PLX-R18 can be used as a preventive treatment before exposure to radiation.”

“These results make a significant contribution to the protection of rescue and security forces that need to enter radiation-contaminated areas,” he added.

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  1. I can just see the naive vaxxers lining up for this and getting some Rabbis to force it onto everyone or else you’ll be called a rodef, a murderer and whatnot.

  2. See the hazardous radiation crisscrossing chemtrails in the photo? Whom are they fooling with radiation vaccination when these harmful chemtrails has b”H stopped almost worldwide, thanks to President Trump? They’ve been spraying aluminum oxide and other dangerous chemicals into our skies to control the weather and population – what they call “geoengineering.” Haven’t you noticed that the skies are blue again and the clouds nice and puffy almost all over the world?

  3. Oh no! Not those evil vaccines again. Besides, my witch doctor says there is no such thing as radiation, and all ailments can be easily treated by your local shaman. Aliens will fight the Big Pharma. Bring the medieval epoch diseases back!

  4. Big deal. The Israeli health ministry has mandated that fluoride be put into all of Israel’s drinking water. Which is worse?

    • so you enjoy cavities? fluiride is not dangerous in small amounts. but what happened to the conspiracy theorists appeal to nature? fluoride appears naturally in some water sources.
      you know fluoride was starteing to be investigated when people suffered from what would be later called fluorosis? one of the side effects of fluorosis is teeth more resistant to decay. therefore if fluoride is dosed at the right amount you get the benefits without the side effects.

  5. Crack pots you are you anti Vaxxers. This might be a cure fir cancer and you are mocking it. You’re all demented fools.


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