Israeli Cop Gets Surprising Phone Call for Mechilah

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On erev Shabbos, a traffic policeman picked up the phone and heard and unfamiliar voice.

“Who’s this?” he asked.

“My name is Chanoch,” came the reply. “I met you this week on Jabotinsky Street [in Bnei Brak]. You gave me a traffic ticket and maybe I spoke to you not so nicely, so I wanted to ask forgiveness. I was with a black Chevrolet, if you remember.”

“I get it, everything’s okay, dear sir. I’m not angry,” the policeman assured him.

{ Israel News}


  1. How about all the pelegnikes and Sikrikim calling the Police and ask for forgiveness, Nah that’s too much to ask because first you have to be a mentsch amd these aren’t mentschen.

    • According to your twisted logic: “How dare chareidim protest the government’s force to shmad yiddishe kinder. They must let themselves be dragged to the shmad army and not cause a ‘chillul Hashem’.” If the Yemenites didn’t protest, are chareidim today holier?”

    • You see, your problem is loss of focus. Instead of complementing this noble act, you focus on the negative.. as if to say that you are Mr. PERFECT….that you cannot even recognize good when its flush on your face. Poor you.

    • Could you tell this to the invalids who block traffic almost daily or is it only Torah Jews who are not ready to become goyim that you’re “concerned” about?

  2. Stupid non-story. Sorry to say. The guy who got the ticket obviously suffers from OCD. This is not a “minhag chassidus”. This person is a meshugerna, unfortunately. Nebach

  3. The Peleg protesters should get a call from the police asking for forgiveness for roughing them up. Peleg is fighting for the soul of our youth. We are all with Peleg.


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