Israeli Cop Who Fatally Shot Ethiopian-Israeli Freed From House Arrest


The Israeli police officer who shot and killed a 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli last month was released from house arrest on Monday in a decision that has reignited anger and protests within the Ethiopian-Israeli community.

The officer, whose identity has not been made public, has been under house arrest since the shooting of Solomon Tekah on June 30 near Haifa, an incident which sparked several days of angry protests and revived accusations of police brutality and systematic discrimination against Israel’s sizeable Ethiopian community.

An internal police investigation corroborated the officer’s claim that did not aim directly at Tekah, but rather fired at the ground causing the bullet to ricochet and fatally strike the young man in the chest.

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  1. Can’t blame them for reignited anger and protests. Eye-witnesses are more trustworthy than corrupt police who shot and killed and innocent person “for fun”.

  2. A simple question: was Mr Tekah a thug criminal beating up someone in the street, or not? Did Mr Tekah have any prior run-ins with the law? What was his occupation? What was his social circle? A Jewish state saved these Ethiopian immigrants from war and starvation, brought them over to Eretz Yisroel, gave them education and Western living standards. Allying with Arabs to set up organized riots – now that is not how Jews would behave. Should have listened to Reb Moshe’s psak.

  3. 3:30, you are the convoluted one, answer a simple yes or no question: were these Ethiopian riots organized in partnership with the Arab enemy? The answer is a resounding yes, which makes Ethiopians as much traitors as Neturei Karta, except that most members of Neturei Karta have a solid chazaka of being Jewish so we are stuck with them, while Ethiopians are a major sofeik, hence my repudiation of bringing the treasonous ingrates to Israel. As far as my suspicions abot Mr Tekah, I don’t claim to know all the details of his life, but his picture on top of this article speaks volumes – not a nerd honor-student to say the least.


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