Israeli Couple Arrested After Bullet Found In Luggage

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A young Israeli couple were arrested in the Georgian city, Tbilisi after a bullet was found in their luggage. They two were released on condition that they remain in Georgia until the end of the investigation.

Many young Israelis travel worldwide after their mandatory army service. Many times the bags they use are the same ones they had used during their service. In some cases, bullets are accidentally left in the bag. A few years ago, a bochur from Lakewood was held in Russia for a few months over bullets found in his luggage.

The Israeli Consulate General Smadar Tzemach Retzabi is helping the two during the ordeal.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Oh they must be a Chareidi couple….. I’m sure they could doctor some video to prove it!
    What is the secular press gonna report now, when it one of their own?

    • Had it been a chareidi couple the headlines in all newspapers and media would be screaming with huge front page article slandering chareidim.


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