Israeli Defense Minister Says Hamas Is Testing Missiles In The Gaza Strip


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that three rockets were fired towards the sea from the Gaza Strip overnight and called for demilitarization of the coastal encalve.

“I hear a lot about the humanitarian situation in Gaza about a difficult situation, first of all Hamas should stop investing money in wars and killing people and invest in development,” said Liberman.

“The budget of the military wing of Hamas in 2017 is $ 260 million. All of these $ 260 million were invested in tunnels and rockets. If they invested $ 260 million in their water system or health care system, they would be in a completely different place.

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  1. Sad that Lieberman isn’t more tolerant of chareidim. He speaks pearls of wisdom! He says it like it needs to be said. It’s good that he exposes their financials to promote and develop his attack.


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