Israeli-Developed Nasal Spray Stops 99.99% of COVID-19 Infections

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  1. I wouldn’t trust anything having to do with Covid-19, including doctors who diagnose someone with “having coronavirus” because Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is the biggest hoax of the century. Nobody is sick with it and certainly nobody died from this bogus virus.

  2. I can not believe that someone could actually believe the nonsense written by Big Pharma above. I personally have lost several friends who had very specific symptoms (especially lung virus) who either died or are left with many symptoms still left. People who spread the rumors that COVid- 19 is a hoax can run the risk of making people negligent in precautions and inadvertently are responsible for deaths. Grow up and stop making silly statements.

    • Just because politicians gave it a new name doesn’t mean there is such a virus. FYI in the past these sicknesses were called pneumonia or laryngitis or fever or the flu, hence 12:33 is 100% right. Can you prove they died with a sickness that wasn’t around ever?


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