Israeli Doctor Develops Anti-Radiation Bracelet

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study-laboratoryAre you concerned about radiation emitted from cellular phones? While many studies have discussed the possible consequences of using the communications devices, a new device invented by a doctor from Israel claims to protect our bodies and reduce the dangers of radiation.

The invention, a bracelet, contains a substance that is supposed to protect the body from radiation. The bracelet was developed in the research lab of Moshe Sternfeld, a professor of internal medicine who worked at the Kaplan Medical Center for 22 years, after which he began to specialize in alternative medicine.

“I developed the substance, called SR18, 10 years ago,” Sternfeld told Ynet. “It’s a completely natural substance, which I have already registered for a patent. The substance prevents radiation damages.”

Sternfeld sold the patent to Biomed Technologies, a conglomerate from Hong Kong that develops and produces technological products. In turn, the company launched Bioguard X, a bracelet that contains the substance developed by the Israeli professor.

The company promises that anyone wearing the bracelet will be providing his or her body with protection from the radiation that surrounds us in our daily lives.

When asked about the fact that the Health Ministry warns against such bracelets due to possible uranium content, Sternfeld said that his bracelet was made out of silicone rather than rubber, which was the problematic substance. He noted that his bracelet had undergone all the needed testing and had the European CE safety seal.

While the bracelets have yet to be tested by independent organizations, Sternfeld says they have all the paperwork with test results that prove the bracelet’s effectiveness.

And does Sternfeld wear his innovation? “I’ve been wearing the bracelet for eight years, not one as nice looking as the new product but it contains the protective substance and that’s what’s important.”

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  1. I sincerely hope this is real but strongly suspect it is just another elephant whistle. I’ll wait for the independent test results before buying one.


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