Israeli Doctor: Oxygen Therapy ‘Reverses’ Aging

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Oxygen therapy given to people over a 60-day period has resulted in “reversed” aging in human cells, according to study published in Aging, a bimonthly medical journal, on November 18.

Exposure to high levels of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber regularly, doctors at the Sackler Medical Center in Tel Aviv University and nearby Shamir Medical Center found, resulted in telomeres in blood cells growing by more than a fifth on average.

Tel Aviv University associate professor Shai Efrati, who led the research, told the Times of Israel that the research represents a “holy grail” against aging in humans.

Telomeres are molecular structures at the end of chromosomes that shrink over time, and are linked to aging, disease and death. High-level oxygen exposure in a hyperbaric chamber also resulted in a reduction in senescent cells, whose production indicates reduced cell division.

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  1. There are a total of three hyperbaric chambers in Israel. They’re all in hospitals, all very expensive and all with a long waiting list. The health ministry refuses to allow additional chambers to be opened, and a petition to the high court against the ministry was thrown out last year. Say no more.

  2. They’re making everyone cover their mouth and nose with masks having them breath carbon dioxide to become sick and go through oxygen therapy, hmm…..

  3. Good. Take a deep breath and throw out all your pretzels and popcorn. You might not vindicate the doctors bag vogue.

    Buck it a good onion fry. Good aging.

    • I agree, but potato chips is my comfort food. The crunching of the chips as I chew, is relaxing for me and reduces stress. The choice isn’t pretty. Eat only organic pesticide free homegrown oats, bananas, & almonds, be emaciated, and die from stress at the ripe old age of 50, weighing 89 pounds? Or eat food which may not be the healthiest, but live happily till 120 weighing 170/180? It’s YOUR decision. I’ve already made mine.


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