Israeli Doctors, Spies Rally To Save 5-year-old Syrian Girl


Almost from the start of the bloody conflict raging in Syria, Israel has agreed to treat in its hospitals any wounded Syrians who reached its border seeking help.

But one five-year-old girl from the war-torn land has led doctors, as well as Israel’s security services, to take unprecedented steps to try to save her life, TOI reports.

The girl arrived at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in recent weeks with very serious wounds that she received after finding herself caught in a firefight between rival militias, according to an exclusive report Wednesday night on Channel 10.

Some two weeks after she arrived at the hospital, after her wounds had nearly healed, Rambam doctors discovered the young girl had cancer. Read more here.

{ Israel}


  1. maybe she will become evil and an enemy, may be she will become righteous and a friend, may be she will be just ordinary which is good enough, and perhaps she’ll never meet Yidden again in her life – there are not many in Syria nowadays. Whatever the outcome, i think i recall that Ishmael himself was healed.


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