Israeli Foreign Minister Visits Kever of Ribnitzer Rebbe

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avigdor-liebermanAvigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, last night visited the kever of the late Ribnitzer Rebbe in Rockland County NY.

The Rebbe passed away more than a decade ago after residing for many years in Monsey.

Lieberman, who like the Rebbe was born in Russia, said he fulfilled a long-standing wish to visit the Rebbe’s kever.

Lieberman was accompanied by his son  the twelve minute visit at the kever. A detail of heavily armed security officers accompanied him as well, and security in the area of the cemetery was extremely tight during the visit.

The local Town of Ramapo Police Department provided a highly protective yet low-key security escort.

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  1. Who cares what a self hating Jew does with his time off from work. He is no lover of the Torah community in Israel.

    Who cares what a self hating Jew does with his time off from work. He is no lover of the Torah community in Israel.

  2. Who is like this nation Israel, that a Yid presently so far from keeping mitzvos should visit the kever of this tzaddik yesold oilam, one of the holiest baalei mofsim of the last generation!

  3. Rabosai, I was walking home yesterday at around 10 pm on Route 306 in Monsey, north of Viola Rd. As I was passing by the Vishnitzer Bais HaChaim, I saw about 6-8 police cars. I thought there was a levaya late at night. The cops didn’t let me go farther than near the gate. So it was Lieberman. Concede that despite his anti-Charedi political position, the man went out of his way (Monsey is not on his itenarary), late at night to visit (maybe daven?) the kever of the tzadik.

  4. self-hating Jew???
    I think you have the wrong guy.
    If anything, just the opposite. He is VERY PROUD of being a Jew.
    Just because he’s not like you (frum) does not make him a self-hating Jew.

  5. Maybe the 12 minutes were represantitive of 1

    minute for each of the respective 12 Tribes.

    Although the Posuk this week says, “Vyichan

    Shawm” and Rashi Says “AS 1 Man with 1

    Heart”, unfortunately we have “come a long

    way” from that level.

    May A Guidance from Above restore us to undo

    the unfortunate divisions which are currently

    imbeded in our lifestyles.

  6. Dear # 1
    You know what you say about Lieberman how ?
    Read the comment from #17.
    This man has done more for the Jewish people during his life than you, your parents, your grandparents and tens of previous generations have done. I would not want to comment on your children, since they, no doubt, have their view of the world from one so simple minded as you !

  7. MK Liberman was in Monsey at a gathering. Someone told a story of the Ribnitzer Rebbe. Much to everyone’s surprise Mr. Lieberman stood up and said when he was a child his father took him to the Ribniter Rebbe for a brocho, he felt this brocho accompanied him throughout his life. When he was told the Rebbe was buried in Monsey he requested to go to the cemetery to pray at the Kever.

  8. #20

    Now you are beyond outrageous.

    Lieberman has been a probem,however well meaning he means to be(again#6&#7)

    #1(whoever it is)surely has done for the Jewish people than him(and you).


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