Israeli: Four Free Sundays A Year

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The Israeli cabinet approved a proposal to give Israelis four long weekends annually extending from Friday to Sunday.

Israelis have long hankered to have Sunday off like the rest of the world. Even religious MKs argue that a secular day of rest would encourage traditional Jews to abstain from melocha on Shabbos. Last year, MKs Eli Cohen of Kulanu and David Amsalem of Likud suggested cutting down the work-free Sunday proposal to twelve weeks a year. This was subsequently reduced to four.

{ Israel}


  1. No school for the kids on Sunday, in addition to half on friday? Government offices closed on Sunday in addition half day on Friday ? Stores closed on Sunday in addition to half day on sunday? Teachers already get one day a week off for their errands (where there is a regular substitute on that day of the week)half day on friday and sunday?


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