Israeli Girl Injured in 2011 Yerushalayim Terror Bombing Dies after Six-Year Coma 

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Hodaya Asulin was 14 when a bomb hidden in a backpack exploded at a bus stop outside the Yerushalayim International Convention Center. Since that time, Asulin has been unconscious, receiving round-the-clock care from family, friends and volunteers. She died today, reports Yaakov Magid for Times of Israel.
In November 2013, a military court sentenced Palestinian Hussein Ali Qawasmeh to life in prison for orchestrating the terror bombing that killed British national Mary Jean Gardner and injured dozens of passersby.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I am so heartbroken to read this. A pure neshama that lost her life on kiddush Hashem. May her neshama rest in Gan Eden till the arrival of Moshiach soon. May her family be comforted and know no more sorrow. HY”D.


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