Israeli Gov’t Cuts Foreign Yeshiva Student Allocations for Yeshivos

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 yeshivaThe Israeli government’s jihad against the Torah world and specifically yeshivos continued yesterday as a new list of rules and regulations were sent to yeshiva administrators, informing them that the Israeli government has officially cancelled budget allocations for foreign yeshiva students. It’s all over now.

This latest enactment of the Netanyahu-Lapid-Bennett government will have wide-ranging impact on yeshivos across Eretz Yisroel, with devastating repercussions.

“We knew it was coming,” one administrator told, “but now that it has, it is like a knife to the heart. The future is unknown, but we must remain resolute and steadfast, despite the unbelievable financial challenges we are facing.”

Read the letter here.

Under the new rules, until the end of December, yeshivos will receive a lessened amount of money for foreign talmidim – about 30 percent of what an Israeli talmid garners. After that, beginning in 2014, yeshivos will no longer receive any funding – nothing at all – for foreign students. This is devastating for yeshivos, such as Mir Yerushalayim, which is home to thousands of talmidim who live overseas. Students in universities and other programs are not subject to the draconian cuts.

The Israeli student allocations were already cut by 2/3 this year, and yeshivos will now get 30 percent of that reduced amount for foreign talmidim until the end of 2013. After that, it is goodbye Charlie.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The title reads: “Israeli Gov’t Cuts Foreign Yeshiva Student Allocations for Yeshivos”; but
    it is from Hashem. Ain od milvado!

    What do we need to correct so that Hashem will reverse this?

  2. We need to wake up from out slumber, Hashem is talking, let’s listen.

    When one sees such rishas coming from the Lapid’s of the world, we need to think is it a reflection of our own rishas/ bad midos?

    We may have it in a much lower level but it’s there, and when we will rip it out from ourselves, the Lapid’s of the world will be ripped out as well.

    Look at Derash Moshe parshas VaYigash, why yaakov repeated twice to the shevatim to go down to mitztayim…

    Lapid removed tax exempt status etc. to discourage donations to mosdos hatorah and Chesed organization. the depth he took his rishas is unbelievable!

    We need to see by ourselves that we don’t let our ego guide us and put down other people, talk loshon Horaah C”V or make or encourage Machlokes!!!

  3. I like the term Jihad, that’s what it is
    These people are spiritual Nazis.

    We must do everything we can to help the Yeshivos!!!!

  4. I like the term Jihad against the Torah World, that’s what it is!
    We must do everything we can to help the Yeshivos!!!!

  5. Why is this being spun as targeting Yeshivos? My niece who is earning a nursing degree in a well known hospital program had her allocation cut as well, as did most if not all students in most if not all universities and colleges across Israel. Budget cuts affect everyone, and the need for cuts is to balance the books for everyone. If you are going to report, at least do it honestly. This is not a targeted cut.

  6. The ????? are unbelievable. They know that Yeshiva Bochurim from overseas are a tremendous boost for their economy, but they rather cut it than admit it.

    Cutting only Yeshiva boys and not university students is a total ?????.

  7. No money= tuition for foreign students goes up= less students come to israel to learn =less money going into the economy from “tourism,”(plus the money parents spend when they come to visit.)

  8. That`s because the MKs know that they can always rely on chutzniker Jews for public support when they are in a crunch. Whereas the university students who might join J Street are worthy in their eyes.

  9. The Israeli government, while anti-yeshivas at times, still gives millions of shekels to Yeshivas each year. To use the phrase “Israeli government’s jihad against the Torah world” is a toal lack of hakaras hatov.

  10. The answer is for US students to actually start paying their own way. We can afford it much more than Israel. For one thing, our “defense” forces consist mostly of lawyers, not soldiers or Merkavah tanks or fighter jets. Frum young people don’t need any “birthright” program to connect to Israel – it’s part of our earliest experiences. The time in Israel has become mainly a “must-do” to keep up with the neighbors. Let the students stay here and strengthen our own yeshivas. The exceptional or exceptionally motivated can still go, but on their own ticket or a scholarship from a US source.

  11. This might solve the Shidduch crisis. If American Bachurim won’t afford the tuition
    fees in E.Yisroel,they will end up in Lkwd. two -three years earlier

  12. The foreigners should stop coming,
    YOU will observe how swiftly they will cave.

    (Else it`s a win win for them ..
    You“ll keep giving and they“ll take everything)

  13. The budget cut does not apply to foreign students studying in universities, although it might apply to nursing schools especially Shaarei Zedek’s.

    Even if it did, the universities didn’t get slammed with the original cuts that all yeshivos did.

    If there would be a way for the gedolei Torah of the United States and England to declare a moratorium on visits to Israel until the funding is reinstated, the yeshivos would get their money back faster than you can say Yesh Atid.

    And for those who think this is strictly a budget issue, I’ve got a bridge in Tel Aviv I’d love to sell you. Look at what’s being cut and what’s being left alone, and stop being naive. Next year all the MK’s are getting a salary raise. Puh-lease.

  14. Oh, cry me a river! In today’s mindset the mitzvah of “yishuv ha’Aretz” has been re-interpreted to mean: “spend a year or two learning in Israel and then go back to your real spiritual HOME in America.” The chutzpah of you self-centered Americans to expect Israelis to pay your way…especially when we’re the ones who are struggling financially.

  15. 14 Yes seminaries were receiving these funds in addition to the $15,000 that we were paying in tuition. With NO Shabbos or Yom Tov meals or activities, of course. People will be tightening belts for sure now!!

  16. yichad tattah (lower) or yichad illah (higher) ? i don`t think that the intention to inforce laws against believing jews is in order to glorify the name of Hashem , but the opposite. this has more to do with esav and his deep hate against yaakov. let`s be honnest we are in gallut by esav and the tumat shel akum is the tumat shel esav. all those who are not daatim are just shluchim of this pollution. there is just teshuva,maasim tovim and unity against the malchut of the rashaim that can help.

  17. to #24, the point is not that Americans who are supposedly doing much better than Israelis, are being funded by struggling Israeli taxpayers.
    The point is that funding for Yeshivos are being cut and not for the Universities, which by the way if they say it’s to help the economy, funding for Chareidim uses less than 1% of the state budget of a few billion shekel. The point is that JEWS in ERETZ YISROEL are trying to destroy Torah in ERETZ YISROEL. If it’s like Lapid says that these cuts are because Chareidim only take from the country and don’t contribute, why are the Daati Leumi, and Hesder Yeshivos getting major cuts, they contribute to the country, they serve in the IDF and work (by the way so do some chareidim). Money issues is all an excuse for trying to destroy Torah in Eretz Yisroel, 6o years ago it was kidnapping Teimani children and raising them secular, now it’s the same agenda, but less direct, by claiming there’s no money, if you beleive any of these anti-Torah people in the government you’re just as silly as the people who thought they could buy the Brooklyn Bridge

  18. It is ironic that commenters here blast Israel’s government for draconian budget cuts, while siding with Republicans in America for draconian budget cuts in other comment threads. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  19. > “to #24, the point is not that Americans who are supposedly doing much better than Israelis, are being funded by struggling Israeli taxpayers.”

    >> Uh…did you read the article? The title is “Gov’t Cuts FOREIGN Yeshiva Students Allocations.” The first paragraph spells it out again: “…the Israeli government has officially cancelled budget allocations for FOREIGN yeshiva students.” By what twisted logic do you say that this is “not the point” when it’s exactly the point?

    Oh I get it…you just needed an excuse to promote your “JEWS in ERETZ YISROEL are trying to destroy Torah in ERETZ YISROEL” agenda. Well, here’s some friendly advice: If YOU are not living in Eretz Yisrael, thereby violating the Torah by spurning the land of the Torah*, then (a) either hold your tongue, because no one here is interested in or cares about your opinion, OR (b) make Aliyah this year — i.e. come back to your REAL home — and do something concrete to save Torah in Eretz Yisrael rather than just carping about it from the comfort of your goldene medina golus.

    * Maran HaGaon Shlomo Zalman zt”l told a galutnick in response to all of his arguments why yishuv ha’Aretz doesn’t apply today: “Es iz nisht vichtig (it is not important)…Just open up a Chumash and read and you will see that Ratzon Hashem is that Jews should live in Eretz Yisroel.” Israel is the Torah center of the world…and don’t you forget it, because if you do then you cease being fully a Jew! Jews have a choice today which we have been praying for for 2000 years: you can voluntarily choose to remain in chutz l’Aretz as a spectator to the geula that is unfolding right under your noses, or you can come home and be a part of it, and as Rav Shlomo Zalman said, fulfill the Ratzon HaShem.

  20. I think who ever wrote this article has been a bit too closed minded on focusing on the Yeshivos budget…If it really bothers you then just put together a fund raising program to supplement what the Government is no longer giving them. It’s not like the Israeli Government forbade learning Torah, or keeping halcha.

    If by the Israeli Government cancelling the funds to Yeshivos, means “It’s all over now.” then you were quite too dependent on the source that made it happen and are clearly not showing hakarat hatov for the time that the government did supply the money.

    If by “devastating repercussions” you mean the Yeshivos will either cut back on tiyulim, or perhaps increase tuition- that is definitely not the end of the world. Last time I checked, worst things have happened to the Jewish people…like- for example, saying rude things about Am Yisroel….

    For those of you who missed it- my overall point was that this article was probably the most ANTI- productive point of action that could have been done.

  21. Calling people Jihadists is not a good way to get them to pay for us to come to learn and live in Eretz Yisroel. Sometimes I find this website – which claims to represent Torah – to be quite embarrassing.

  22. to Aliyah Now,

    I’m still single and very much hope to live in Eretz Yisroel after I get married, and in America the so called Goldena Medinah I earn under $10 an hour


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