Israeli Government On Verge Of Collapse


The showdown that’s threatening to bring down the Israeli government deepened over the weekend, resulting in the rare cancellation of the cabinet’s weekly Sunday meeting.

The latest spat between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s Blue and White revolves around Likud’s proposed 8.5 billion-shekel ($2.5 billion) supplement to the government’s coronavirus relief program. Gantz said the details of the expensive program are incomplete, while Likud says Blue and White is withholding much-needed aid from Israeli citizens.

The dispute is part of a larger feud that’s clouding the coalition’s survival. The government is required by law to pass a budget by late August, but Netanyahu is balking at honoring a provision in their coalition agreement to craft a two-year spending plan. If no budget is approved by that deadline, or the law isn’t amended, parliament will be dissolved and a fourth election in less than two years will be held.

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  1. Likud should be stronger. Why do they never hit the margins hit by the Labor party. A limit if the goal is dawdle or pace.

    • Because there’s corruption in Israel’s election system like in the US election system. The Mossad is no different than the Deep State. Hopefully the Mossad will be cleaned up soon too.

  2. The Leftist government is run by the self-appointed radical leftist anti-Torah pro Arab judges of the supreme court of injustice currently with Bibi as their puppet. As long as they don’t get rid of those judges the government will fall.


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