Israeli Government to Help “Off The Derech” Youth

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Israel’s Labor Ministry has opened a new center in the Tel Aviv area to provide off-the-derech youngsters from chareidi homes with education and job opportunities, with two more centers planned in Yerushalayim.

“At the center, people who leave the chareidi world will narrow their gap in education and take courses in basic English, math at various levels and computer skills,” the ministry said. “The place will also serve as a job guidance center appropriate for the unique background of those who leave the sector.”

{ Israel}


  1. The bachurim in this picture don’t look very OTD. In terms of the government offering to help all I can say is לא מדובשכם ולא מעוקצכם. Sounds like a glorified Israeli version of footsteps…

    • Actually, the guys in this picture look like actors pretending to be frum

      They do not look like normal Yeshiva Bochurim.

      I’m not sure if its Isreali version of Footsteps now but any organization which focuses almost exclusively on the OTD crowd is probably going to end up a Footsteps type organization

  2. The early Christians tried to convert the wayward Jew through death and threats, and when they saw that didn’t work, they have changed tactics and are trying to convert us through “love”. Similarily, the zionists see there is no use in taking us off the derech through force so try to be עוקר תורה through providing for the OTC and capitalizing on the machlokes in chareidi world. Everything done slowly and letting us effectively destroy ourselves…..

  3. Lol. The comments here. The government is trying to help a community which is known for living beyond the poverty line, have a chance at getting decent jobs and thus be able to support their families. Terrible idea, right?

    • Dear 5:35am looser, the government is not “trying to help a community”. The government is trying to encourage people to break away from the community. If the government wanted to really help the community, the government would have provided a culturally-sensitive vocational training to the community at large, not a tiny minority of traitors.


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