Israeli Guest Left Stunned After French TV Host Asks Why He’s Wearing a Yarmulka

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An Israeli doctor found himself lost for words when a reporter on French television asked why he arrived with a yarmulka, Ynet reports.

Dr. Cyrille Cohen, head of immunology at Bar Ilan University – who was a member of the board advising the Health Ministry on the COVID -19 pandemic – explained that he always wears his kippah as part of his Jewish identity, and means no offense by it.

A member of the panel, French Jewish journalist Elisabeth Levy pushed Cohen further, claiming that the French consider religion to be a personal affair, to which he replied that he could hardly keep his identity personal with a name like Cohen.
The incident caused dismay among some Israelis after the exchange became viral online.
Sivan Rahav-Meir, an observant Jew herself and a reporter for Israel’sChannel 12, shared the clip of the television show on her own Twitter feed:


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