Israeli Health Officials: Country No Longer Contains COVID-19 ‘Hotspots’

Photo: Reuters / Ronen Zvulun
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Israeli health officials said on Tuesday that the country no longer contains “red” coronavirus hotspots that require local lockdowns.

The officials made this claim, according to Ynet, ahead of a coronavirus cabinet meeting (scheduled for Tuesday, but later postponed until Wednesday) to discuss the additional easing of restrictions since some aspects of the month-long nationwide lockdown were lifted on Sunday.

Israel is planning on a phased reopening of the economy, including schools and small businesses, with intervals between each step to allow for an assessment of the COVID-19 morbidity rates.

Coronavirus Project Coordinator Ronni Gamzu said on Tuesday that though the charedi (ultra-Orthodox) cities of Bnei Brak and Elad still have significant morbidity rates, they are eligible to lose their “red” classification.

As of Tuesday afternoon, according to Israeli Health Ministry figures, there were 23,612 active cases of coronavirus from a total of 305,633 since the onset of the pandemic in Israel. There were 631 patients in serious condition, with 231 on ventilators, and a death toll of 2,271





  1. “the country no longer contains “red” coronavirus hotspots that require local lockdown” = leading criminals have been apprehended and/or executed (died for coronavirus). Just recently one of them was in a “hospital” in Israel for “coronavirus”. Many ministers and CEO’s “resigned”.

  2. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) plan was a mastermind for humanity’s end had Hillary ch”v become President, as Bill Gates disclosed to Trump in Dec. 2016. Instead, President Trump reversed the plan to end the Deep State with this Coronavirus lockdowns.

  3. asap… open up the high schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While everyone thinks that girls need school for learning. They forget about the second word and most important one that usually goes along with it which is “growing” . Most students are not missing school cus of learning. Schools serve as a tremendous powerful tool for personal growth, social progress ,mental wellbeing. It’s a haven for girls and it is an emotional factor in their lives. There are thousands of girls right now so unhappy and so sad and so lonely. Those girls that go to schools in different areas. Those girls that almost made a friend last year in the ninth grade but corona cut it off. Those girls that come from homes that don’t suffice for them. It cannot be stressed enough.. we need these high schools open! Hashem Yaazor that the geula prati and klali come soon mamash!

  4. I’m so happy to hear the great news about Israel. I hope that all the u.s. authorities learn from it and dramatically increase lockdowns and enforcements. Bderech hateva it will save many of our brothers and sisters!


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