Israeli Hospital Chief Resigns After Accusing Charedim Of Causing Deaths

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The CEO of the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, Professor Moti Ravid, resigned from his post on Wednesday soon after he accused some in the ultra-Orthodox community, who blatantly disregard health mitigation directives of causing deaths.

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  1. Before people go crazy on this guy; Rav Wolbe ztz”l writes b’sheim the holy Baal Shem ztz”l that our attitude to our life experiences should be like looking in a mirror; they are a reflection of something inside of us.
    This is how a true ben aliyah thinks. Hashem talks to us through the things we experience in our lives.
    Perhaps this person meant what he said in the worst possible way; but our job is to try to examine whether or not we as the Am HaTorah are behaving in ways that may, in some way, make us responsible for what is happening.
    Vehachai yiten el libo…
    A beautiful Yom Tov to all.


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