Israeli Intelligence Minister: Those Who Want to Create Two States Know that It Can’t Be Done at the Moment

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Israel’s Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, Yisroel Katz, was asked in an interview with the Washington Post if the two-state solution with the Palestinians was dead. Katz replied: “I come from the perspective of reality. This is a concept that is not relevant. Even those who want to create two states know that it can’t be done at the moment.”

He added, “President Abbas is weak. He needs security support from Israel. And, Hamas was extreme before, but since changing Ismail Haniya and placing Yehiya Sinwar in the leadership position, this means that Hamas’ military wing is now controlling Gaza. If there were nuances before that might have helped us reach the creation of a Palestinian state, they now no longer exist. What kind of Palestinian state can we create in this reality?”

{ Israel News}


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