Israeli Jew Visits Saudi Mosque

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Russian-born Israeli Ben Tzion, 31, visited mosques in Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia over the past year or two, and recently posted a photo of himself holding a tefillin bag with Hebrew letters inside Saudi Arabia’s second holiest site, the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina, Times of Israel reported.

Angry comments from Muslims lead Instagram to temporarily suspend his account. Tzion told Times of Israel that he came as a friend and respects Islam and the Arab world.

Muslims disagreed.

“Shocking to learn that Ben Tzion, a Zionist, not only entered the blessed city of Madinah disguised as a Muslim but also entered Masjid Nabawi,” a Muslim ranted. “…This appears to be a result of the growing Saudi-Israeli alliance.”

“No one in the Arab world ever approached me with hostility,” Ben Tzion insisted. “People know that I am different, they see that I wear a kipah or a different Arab garment. They come to me and ask me where I’m from. I tell them that I’m from Yerushalayim, Israel. And their first reaction usually is, ‘Wow. Welcome.’”

{ Israel News}



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