Israeli-Made Mask Claims Best Protection Against Coronavirus


An Israeli scientist claims he’s invented a mask that seals the face almost totally to prevent 99.25% of coronavirus-sized particles from infiltrating. While the mask may be effective, it’s not the most attractive face covering. Noam Gavriely, who helped the Israel Defense Forces develop gas masks during the Iraq War, calls his creation ViriMASK.

According to The Times of Israel, it offers more protection than N95 masks, which filter out 95% of airborne particles. Gavriely told the Times:

“Unlike other products, this is sealed all around the face, like gas masks and diving masks,” adding that the filter is also denser than N95s, making it further impenetrable. He said that his mask is the perfect personal protective equipment for medical professionals who are at higher risk of exposure to the virus. It’s also suitable for people who have to visit medical clinics or see healthcare professionals and want peace of mind.

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  1. Not clear to me the advantage versus full-face mask on one side, and lightweight KN98 or above. For a bearded person, PAPR with a loose-fitting hood is an option.

  2. Had masks protected against coronavirus there wouldn’t be so many who were wearing masks in hospitals with breathing issues.


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