Israeli McDonald’s Faces Fine for Chillul Shabbos


kosher-mcdonaldsAlionel Ltd., owner of the McDonald’s franchise in Israel, was fined NIS 30,000 (about $8,000) for illegally having a youth work during Shabbos, the Tel Aviv Labor Court announced Thursday.

This would not be the first time that the franchise has committed the offense. In 2003, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor filed a complaint against Alionel after finding out that a McDonald’s chain owned by the company employed a Jewish youth on Shabbos.

 Under the Youth Employment Law, it is forbidden to have Jewish youth employees during Shabbos.

 If Alionel repeats the offense in the next three years, it would be subjected to a fine worth NIS 52,000 ($13,922).

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


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