Israeli Mikvaos Must Allow Non-Orthodox Conversions, Supreme Court Rules

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In a landmark decision, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that mikvaos in the country must open up to non-Orthodox conversion rites, JTA reports.

Until now, Israeli mikvaos have denied access for conversion immersions to Reform and Conservative converts. Israel’s mikvaos are run by Israel’s Religious Services Ministry, which works with the Israeli Rabbinate.

The ruling, based on a case brought in Beer Sheva according to JTA, forces all Israel’s public mikvaos to allow access to groups wishing to perform non-Orthodox conversions, another victory for the Reform movement and its campaign to cause a churban to the conversion process.

The move was hailed by Gilad Kariv, the president of Israel’s Reform movement, and Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism.

David Steger – Israel


  1. This is just terrible.
    Is there no way to overturn this outrageous ruling?
    May we soon know no more tza’ar and tzaros, and be zoche to live together b’shalom in Eretz Yisrael.

  2. Harav Shmuel Berenbaum zl my rosh yeshiva told me that ruchniius in one part of the world effects another part of the the 1980S I tried to stop the Chicago community Mikva from allowing reform and conservative fraudulent conversions from being done in the Chicago community Mikva. Harav Berenbaum encouraged me to do this.The aguda Dayan and Telzz yeshiva wanted the Mikva to be used by the reform as it brought in major money to the Mikva for its upkeep and renovation.They claimed they had a heter from a posek.I have the documentation to back up my statement. Anyone who has a a serious interest can email me at Elchononebert@gmail. I have psok from from Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky zl it was osor .From the Bdaz yerushalayim and other poskim. Rav Aron SolivechikZl who lived in Chicago wrote a Lengthy tshuva it was osor. He was ignored he wasn’t yeshivish enough for them.(as a side note he was visited by Harav ShmuelBerenbaun zl cholhamoeed sucos to talk in learning I know because I drove the rosh Yeshiva)They went as far as having me arrested for using a bull horn to protest.And I mean the aguuda and yeshiva crowd I have the letter sent to the reform giving permission to have me arrested for disorder ly conduct. Google my name and the articles in the Chicago Tribune will tell the story black on white. So if you see a churban in Israel it is ruchniyis fall out from the travesty in Chicago.Give them a call for a din vecheshbon. I know when one famous Tosh yeshiva in the 1980S from chicago went to the Aguda convention the other rosh yeshiva asked for it.

  3. Elchonon, it appears that you feel that you know better then everyone else. Kochi Veotzem Yodi likely applies to daas (brains?) also. I suggest that you use your brain, but recognize that you should rely on daas torah.

  4. Unfortunately, some funds to build some mikvaos came through collaborating with the “peace process” endangering-Jewish-lives Knesset coalitions. Now it turns out, if the government gives, the government can dictate how to use it. It wasn’t worth endangering Jewish lives for the government money after all…


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