Israeli Military DNA Testing Murder Weapon To ID Israeli Soldier’s Killer


As part of an ongoing investigation into the May 12 killing of Israel Defense Forces Staff Sgt. Amit Ben-Yigal by Palestinian terrorists, Israeli security forces are using suspects’ DNA samples to locate the murder weapon.

Ben-Yigal, 21, died after being struck in the head with a cinder block during a raid in the Palestinian village of Ya’bad in Judea and Samaria.

Three suspects in the case are in custody, the Hebrew-language news site Kipa reported on Wednesday, but it is not yet clear which of them is responsible for throwing the rock that killed Ben-Yigal.

The suspects are all members of the same family, according to the report. Soldiers from the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion that carried out the raid returned to the scene later in the day to collect cinder blocks from the vicinity, which are now being tested for DNA.




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