Israeli Military to Start Using Unmanned Vehicles to Patrol Border With Gaza Strip

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In the coming years, the Israeli military will begin using unmanned vehicles to secure the Jewish state’s border with the Gaza Strip, the IDF’s Hebrew website reported on Sunday.

“The vehicle patrols the area, collects information and identifies irregularities while a female soldier drives it from a war room,” Captain Avidav Goldstein said. “This vehicle can replace the foot patrols carried out by soldiers next to the fence.”

According to Goldstein, the IDF was the first army in the world to use such vehicles and they represented a “technological breakthrough on an international level.”

The vehicles will soon be installed with weapons that can be operated from afar, the IDF report noted. They already are equipped with camera and loudspeaker systems, which are used to locate and warn suspicious individuals.

In an interview with The Algemeiner last fall, the head of the Robotics Division in the IDF Ground Forces — Lt. Col. Leon Altritz — said robots would make the missions of soldiers more efficient and less risky.

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