Israeli Parents Meet Palestinian Boy Whose Life Was Saved by Their Dead Son’s Kidney

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kidney-donationTwo families touched by the death of a 3-year-old Israeli boy were finally able to meet Thursday, Israel’s Channel 2 reports.

When Noam Naor was killed after falling out of a window at his family home in May, his parents decided to donate his kidneys. One went to an Israeli child, the other to a 10-year-old Palestinian boy.

During the meeting, which Channel 2 reported left not a single dry eye in the room, Noam’s mother, Sarit, said she was deeply grateful to get a chance to meet the boy and his family.

“I just wish him health and rehabilitation,” she said. “It’s bliss for me, it brings me great comfort. ”

The Palestinian boy, Yakoub Ibhisad, had been treated with dialysis at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center for seven years before the match was found. According to the Times of Israel, the Health Ministry’s transplant center contacted Noam’s parents, and asked them if they’d be willing to donate the kidney to someone who wasn’t Israeli – specifically, a Palestinian.

“It doesn’t matter who gets the kidneys, so long as fewer children need to undergo dialysis treatments,” Noam’s father was quoted as saying.

Following the operation last week Yakoub”s father told Israel’s News1 he had “no words” that could express his feelings towards the Naor family.

Sarit Naor also expressed her delight.

“Knowing I saved a life gives me great comfort and the power to go on,” she said. “It was not an easy choice, but I today I am happy I made it. It doesn’t matter that it’s a Palestinian boy, I wish it would bring us peace.”


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  1. If giving life to a Palestinian gives them peace; guess what? they will NOT get that peace, because one day down the road, this same kid will be happy to kill the parents of his donor.
    The Noar parents are probably from that crowd that “think” we can make “peace” with savages.
    Instead these savages try to make “pieces” out of Jews.
    This story makes me barf.

  2. crazy parents for wanting to save a palestinian, but the palestinian is probably Jewish or has a jewish grandmother from his father’s side that are related to the donor’s family, generally people only match with people from their ethnic group, what’s the liklihood of a Jew and palestinian being a match, maybe because we’re 100th cousins, and they want to kill their hundredth cousins – most ridiculous of all.

  3. #1, you obviously have insight into the future, please considering using the red phone (the direct line with HKBH that is) and ask why was Yismael healed.

  4. There was not another Israeli person (Jewish or non Jewish) who was compatible and <30Kg. The latter requirement comes from being a child’s kidney. The kidney would have been made available on international lists, according to standard procedures. However this Palestinian child happened to be on the Israeli register, as he received care in Israeli hospitals, so the family of the donor was asked if they would consent, which they did.

    #3, some poskim prohibit organ donation and some allow it. I assume the family asked a shaila. I would think that once donation is determined to be permissible, then it has to be done according to the law of the land. The family being asked for consent with regards to recipient is a very exceptional case, and it was technically permitted because this Palestinian child was on the Israeli transplant list only for convenience and humanitarian reasons. Normally the donors’ family do not have a say in allocating donated organs.

    #4, while it is very possible that the Palestinian child has some Jewish blood (or possibly we might also consider the possibility that the Jewish child is descended from a ger of Arab ethnicity), this can not be assumed with certainty. Humans (as opposed to dogs or horses) don’t have races. This means that the genetic variability within an ethnic group is much larger than its genetic distance from others.

    #6 yes, they thanked the family and wished they could be consoled with more children being brought to life. The article itself discussed how both families met in person.

    #7 I understand your point and if you have relatives or acquaintances who are in need of donation, you should recommend to them to ask advice about transplant lists, not only about the medical aspects.

    #2 as I already pointed out to #1, we have no idea if this boy will grow to be righteous or evil, and even if we were aware he would not be our friend in the future, this is not enough of a reason nor was it for Hashem Himself. In addition I am sure you understand that Jews worldwide rely upon nonjewish hospitals and doctors. This is the current system and while I am sure it can be improved, please consider many Jews receive organ donation from nonjews. Allowing people to state “ethnical preferences” might get very ugly. I am not sure that should be recommended.

  5. More to come. Jews and the Arab neighbors might actually have to learn to live within each others company at some point in the future.

  6. Why are you guys hating? I’m an American who knows an Arab from Jerusalem who desires peace with Jewish neighbors. Not all Arabs are evil.


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