Israeli Police Charge Driver Over Facebook Speed


highwayIsraeli traffic cops are apparently now patrolling the web, with a man facing charges after being caught speeding…on Facebook. The 23-year-old man was charged with speeding and reckless endangerment after police came across a video posted on Facebook of him driving at 260 kph along Israel’s coastal highway, Ynet news website said.The driver was charged in a traffic court in the northern city of Acre, even though police could not say when the incident occurred nor identify the car he was driving, the website said.

The only basis for charging him was a video posted by his friends on the social networking website that showed the speedometer reaching 260 kph on a road where the speed limit was 90.

His two friends, who were encouraging him to go faster and filming him as he drove, were also charged with encouraging a crime, Ynet said.

{Herald Sun/}


  1. The only problem is that videos can be edited and made to look real. How many videos do people see each day about crazy things which never happened! Many of the videos online today are edited and lots were made 100% by a computer!


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