Video: Israeli Police Conduct Raids in Chareidi Communities Across Country

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israeli-police-raid[Video below.] A comprehensive investigation conducted by the Economic Unit of the Israeli Police in recent months against a number of senior ministers in the Ministry of Religious Affairs resulted in a massive raid this morning in chareidi communities throughout the country.

The investigation revealed that certain individuals had claimed to have several hundred members in their mosdos when they in fact had far fewer.  The claims led to increased government funding. An investigation into the alleged fraud continues while those who were arrested are being questioned by Israeli investigators regarding monthly stipends given by the Ministry of Education for those who did not actually learn at these kollelim or yeshivos.

A police spokesperson said that in the coming days, further arrests are expected.

Over 1,000 fabricated ID cards, as well as machines used in producing false IDs, have been discovered by police.

The police raid took place in Yerushalayim, Beit Shemesh and Beitar Illit.

Click below for a video of one of the police raids: Israel from bhol on Vimeo.

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  1. #4 — You’re right, the Briskers (and Satmar) is right.

    But that doesn’t detract from the issue at hand why the zionist gestapo storm troopers need to charge into mekomei Torah in jackboots and on horseback and stop Limud Torah and lockdown Yeshivos. They have been doing these atrocities for over 50 years already.

  2. You can see the lust and zest in these mamzerim doing this job. They look so happy in what theyre doing. It almost looks like theyre going after osama bin laden. SHAME ON THEM!!!! (P.S. Im not condoning what was done if anything was done.)

  3. Ben Torah you are woefully ignorant of both Israeli history, and perhaps more importantly that of the holocasut. Halevei, during WW2 all there had been were gestapo storm troopers who charged into mekomi torah that were collecting stipends for people who didnt exist, halevei!

  4. I live in Beitar and saw the raid on one of the places, they were no jackboots or horses.

    I am not condoning any anti-chareidi actions on behalf of this medinah, which if it were to crack down on its own financial corruption would find illegalities amounting to far more than the mosdos that were raided ever got.

    However, it seems to be that these mosdos (specific mosdos were targeted) did some heavy messing around with their kollel registrations, and like it or not this is going to result in a major chillul Hashem and will most likely have negative ramifications for all kollelim here in EY.

  5. is this another israeli antisemic campaign to show the world how bad Torah-jews are and how good chilonim are?
    soon they will create conzentration camps for Torah-yidden in oeder to gain the sympathy of the goym.

    may moshiach come speedely and make an end to this wicked state of israel.

  6. Thank you Chaya in Beitar #14, it is refreshing to hear an ‘eye-witness report’. Please fellow Jews open your eyes and see what is happening around us — Toras Hashem is being perverted by some and it is our responsibility to uphold a flag of truth, honesty and pleasantness.


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