Israeli Police Demolish Eastern Jerusalem Park That Glorified Palestinian Terror


Israeli police officers from the Jerusalem District and city officials on Tuesday demolished a memorial garden in the Arab neighborhood of Ras al-Amud in eastern Jerusalem, which was created to commemorate terrorists—or “shahids” (martyrs), as the garden’s founders described them—who have been killed during the current wave of violence in Israel.

The garden was created several weeks ago. Its founders planted saplings and placed images of terrorists alongside each one. They also spray-painted slogans on a nearby wall. The entire memorial was built on public property and, unsurprisingly, without a proper permit.

The opening of the garden was reported on Arab social media sites. As stated, upon learning of its existence, police and city officials removed the saplings and the photographs of the terrorists, and erased the graffiti. The Jerusalem District Police said it was aware of the identities of several suspects and would soon bring them in for questioning.

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said, “The police will continue to act decisively against any display of incitement and support for terror against Israel.”




  1. Destroying the garden just doesn’t sound like a good PR – how about avoiding such lingo as destruction, instead report building a public bathroom in that spot with the terrorists pictures printed onto the toilets, Koranic verses imbeded in the urinals, Mohamed cartoons on the walls. Nothing is as powerful as ridicule.


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