Video: Israeli Police Hunting Down Emmanuel Parents Who Didn’t Show Up; Children Bid Their Parents Goodbye


emmanuel2[Video and photos below.] One of the most dramatic days in the struggle for the State of Israel’s character reached its peak today as dozens of parents from Emmauel reported to the Yerushalayim police after refusing a High Court ruling¬†forcing their hands regarding their daughters’ education.

32 of the parents were sent to Maasiyahu prison where they will be serving their two-week sentence.

As reported earlier, some 100,000 rallies in Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer and elsewhere in support of the parents.

However, 22 mothers and four fathers who were supposed to show up at the police situation did not arrive, police say, and forces are now searching for the no-shows in order to imprison them as well.

The parents were ordered to report to the police station at 5 p.m., but were delayed by the rallies in the area.

A bus escoring the parents also transported some children sporting handcuffs as a form of protest. Many children at the site bid their parents farewell in tears. At least 20 school girls were standing at the police compound, crying and calling out for their mothers. The girls’ fathers were hugging them and attempting to calm them down.

Knesset Member Moshe Gafni said the situation was delusional: “Young girls are saying goodbye to their fathers, who did nothing wrong. It’s a terrible sight befitting dark regimes in history, rather than a modern state.”

Click below for a video report of today’s events:

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See below for photos of today’s Yerushalayim rally taking from a helicopter:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. The second video is very misleading and incorrect, as the Ashkenaz-Sephardi issue was not the issue – there are Sephardi parents being jailed, too.

  2. “Knesset Member Moshe Gafni said the situation was delusional:”

    Maybe hallucinatory, or preposterous, or even illusive. But not delusional.

  3. if we will improve our Tznius it will help us prevent such a horrifying event from taking place again

  4. will there be any machaos in america? may we see “ki saavir memsheles zadon min haaretz” bimheira biyaeinu and the tziyonim yemach shimam will take their place amongst the rest of the sonei yisroel of bechol dor vador

  5. Why can’t we in this country, get together en masse in front of the courthouse of Judge Linda Reade, or in front of her house better yet, and do the same thing. Then, we would get R’ Sholom Rubashkin national attention, and get him out of his terrible predicament.

  6. The problem is the media everywhere is very leftist.

    In Israel, the major “news” outlets distorted the issue. It’s hard to understand why people fell for it, given that 13 Sefardi parents were arrested alongside their Ashkenazi brethren. In addition, Sefardim and Datim Leumim were present in significant numbers at the protests. The bottom line is the left-wing extremist spin-doctors have taken an abortion of justice they funded and instigated and made it a cause celebre, in order to attack the Jews in Israel.

    The answer is getting the truth out:

    1) Israel is not a Jewish state, it’s an Israeli state run by left-wing extremists. The government officials do not observe the Torah or its commandments. The do not conduct themselves in accordance with Jewish law.

    2) The OU has failed world Jewry by equating support of Israel with support of Torah and the Jewish people. If well-intentioned American non-Jews would understand that their support of Israel is *not* supporting Biblical Israel and its people, they would be outraged. They feel the hard-earned money they send to Israel is supporting God and his Will, but it is being stolen by left-wing extremists and political activists for their own purposes, which directly oppose God’s Will.

    Right now, these well-intentioned people don’t understand this issue and there is no significant effort to get the word out. The OU has an obligation to Torah and to Jews and non-Jews in America, to spread this message, and also desist from its destructive, blind support of Israel.

    3) The person who brought this suit to the high court had no standing. He does not live in the community and he has no children going to school there. This is a clear and unprecedented abuse of power by the high court. Indeed, they could not contain their hatred of Jews and this was a purely punitive action, to clarify the power of the state over Jews. It failed, as we saw from the exemplary conduct of the kodshei Emmanuel and the 160,000 Jews who protested in an orderly manner.

    4) The state is an issur d’oraisoh, that is, the formation of a state before the Redemption is a violation of a severe Torah prohibition. Americans need to be educated that zionism is a very serious breach of Jewish law.

    There were Jews living in Israel for 3,300 years. Before the state was founded 60 years ago, Jews were here. They largely opposed the state because it goes against our Holy Torah and knew the intentions of the zionists were to undermine Torah and the Jewish faith, and to foment strife. Indeed, the last 60 years have been very destructive to the Jewish situation throughout the world and much violence and loss of life has occurred in the region.

    Nobody is going to say that conditions were good for the people here, but they lived in relative peace with their neighbors and accepted the conditions, knowing they were doing God’s Will and bringing close the final redemption.

    It is very clear from world events that the Israelis have no principles, no morals, and no ethics. They are purely reactionaries in the worst sense of the word. Is there another country in the history of the world that arms its enemies and gives them aid and comfort? The Palestinian Authority was established with Israeli tax dollars and oversight. They were armed and fed and clothed by Israelis. Is there any country in the history of the world that sends its sons and daughters into battle, only to give away every stitch of ground they conquered? Ten thousand Jews were evicted from their homes in Azza (Gaza) and their land was given to militant Arabs who promptly desecrated their synagogues and Torah study houses. To this day, the Israeli government has abandoned these people, many of whom are living in wretched conditions in tent cities. May Hashem send them peace, healing, and blessing.

    The Israeli state doesn’t have a constitution, unlike modern, civilized countries. The government is a European coalition style government, which leads to instability in policy. Because of the disorganized mayhem, nothing is accomplished.

    Well-intentioned American non-Jews who want to support God and His Torah need to totally withdraw support from Israel and redirect their efforts into forcing their government not to waste money on the Israeli regime. Furthermore, they should keep the 7 commandments given by God to the Nations of the world, and do everything possible to insure Jews fulfill their obligations to God as given to us by Moses in our Holy Torah which he was given on Mount Sinai.

    There is much more to be done, but the most important work at this time is getting the word out: Israel is not a Jewish state, and it is not anti-Semitic to be opposed to Israel and its policies. Indeed, the Jews in Israel are opposed to the state and do not support its goals or policies, and lament the unnecessary and tragic strife and loss of life caused by the zionists.

    Anyone who helps the Jews living in Israel continue their Torah study and religious observance as God commanded will surely be rewarded.


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