Israeli Prez Accepts Blame for Protests


rivlinIsraeli President Reuven Rivlin has admitted that Israel had “erred” by ignoring a rift within the country’s society. The Israeli Ethiopian community has spent the last week protesting racism after video emerged of police beating up a black soldier.

“Yesterday we saw the pain, distress, and anger arising from the Israeli Ethiopian community, most of whom were born and raised here,” Rivlin said ahead of a rally. “We must look directly at this open wound. We have erred. We did not look, and we did not listen enough.”

At least 40 people were injured when an anti-racism protest in Tel Aviv turned violent yesterday. Read more.

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  1. I believe that together we can collaborate and bring about this desired change,” Rivlin added. “The haredi community will benefit, and so will the entire Israeli society, and our common future here.”

    “In 2018, almost a quarter of the first grade students in Israel will be from the Haredi community,” he began. “This community is no longer a minority and we must understand this and adjust our concept regarding the nature of the relationship – no longer as that of a majority and minority but of a partnership between the haredi community and the general public.”

    “Within this partnership, first and foremost it is our duty to desist from patronization,” he stated. “The general public, which I am part of, cannot and should not determine for the haredi public how and in which way to educate their children. A partnership means creating a discourse between all sectors of society, not as one which is characterized by forceful coercion, but as a discourse that is underlined by understanding, and outlines a path to the future.”


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