Israeli Prime Minister Bakes Matzah for First Time

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netanyahu-matzohBy Anav Silverman

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu took the time to bake some Passover matzah yesterday for his first time when he visited a matzah bakery in Kfar Chabad ahead of Pesach.

Local Chabad leaders and rabbis briefed Prime Minister Netanyahu on the preparations to hold Pesach seders in approximately 250 Chabad houses throughout Israel as well as approximately 3,000 Chabad houses across the world. They also gave him a tour of the matzah factory and instructed him on how to properly bake the matzah.

The Israeli prime minister noted himself that, “At home, I have eaten Chabad-made matzah for years. Today, for the first time, I am also preparing it myself. I will get to eat the matzah that I have baked this coming Pesach and that’s quite moving for me.”

Chabad leaders told Netanyahu that eating the matzah expresses the belief that the Jewish People can withstand any pressure and asked that he continue to stand up for the freedom of the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, citing the Haggadah, added that “In every generation enemies rise up to destroy us but G-d saves us from them. The Haggadah mentions four sons – wise, wicked, simple and the one who does not know how to ask – but each one has a Jewish spark and you watch over this Jewish spark.”

He also added that he was looking forward to Pesach, which begins on Monday night, April 14. “I am very excited. I wish the entire Jewish People a Happy Pesach.”

Tazpit News Agency

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  1. What a whitewashing tactic!
    The man is trying to look pious as though he’s a friend of the chareidim after he stabbed them in the back more cruelly than any previous prime minister of Israel. Please don’t help Netanyahu look good – he doesn’t deserve it. He hasn’t shown any signs of doing teshuva. Depicting him as a matzah-baking Jew is like the pig sticking out his split hooves and saying, “I’m kosher” when he is glatt treif.

  2. Yiddishe Mama, I understand your reaction, but wouldn’t it be amazing if this somehow penetrated? Also, as he;s head of state of the Jewish state, it’s nice to see him going through some appropriate motions.


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