Israeli Researchers at Hebrew U Develop Faster, Cheaper Covid-19 Test


Researchers at the Hebrew University of Yerushalayim have announced that they have developed a new method of testing for Covid-19 which is 4-10 times faster than the tests most commonly used today and is also significantly cheaper, while supplying the same level of accuracy, Idan Zonshine reports at the Jerusalem Post.

Moreover, most of the materials required for the new test are already available in Israel, easing significantly Israel’s shortage of testing materials and its economic dependence on foreign commercial markets.

The new “method has already undergone a series of tests at Hadassah Hospital, using hundreds of samples from patients – and is now becoming operational,” said Dr. Naomi Haviv of Hebrew University’s Neuroscience Research Center.

Of the hundreds of samples tested by the new method, “all the tests came out identical to the results obtained using the current test,” said Prof. Nir Friedman of the Institute of Life Sciences.

{ Israel}


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